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Inadequate provisions for motorcyclists at Ninewells Hospital

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At Ninewells Hospital we have seen an increase in the number of motorcycles using the parking facilities. However recently we have seen a decline in the provisions for motorcycles: A frequently used parking area has been closed off with no communicaton parking management resulting in finanacial penalties for motorcyclists. \"I got a ticket today for parking outside the toilet (where I parked last week, and got no ticket). I will appeal on the grounds that I have parked there often over the past 8 years, and that 2 attendants watched me walk away and didnt advise me that it was not allowed\". There is a small free area adjacent to the hospital front door which quickly becomes full and is frequqntly shut off to allow for maintenance in the adjacant areas. The consequence of the above is that motorcyclists are now being forced to use the multistorey carparks at a cost and the actions of parking management to enforce this have already resulted in an injury to one pedestrian. \"There was an incident yesterday at the barrier outside the multi storey car park where a pedestrian was knocked down by the barrier.This was a direct result of the VINCI guys putting up plastic bollards to prevent motorcycles exiting the car park without paying(or using their fob which I have).This has also blocked pedestrian access/exit.She ended up in A&E.Needless to say the bollards are still there today\". Also in this mutlistorey carpark we are being forced to park 2 to 4 bikes in a space desiganted for one car or, possibly a small car will be squeezed into the space beside one bike. This is unacceptable due to the possible damage which may occur to both cars and bikes. Motorcyles are ,the government tells us, more beneficial to the enviroment than cars. The Government believes that motorcycles should be encouraged where they replace car use, especially for commuting purposes. This is because of the lower environmental impact and the reduced congestion of travelling, particularly commuting, by motorcycle instead of by car. The Government also believes that smaller motorcycles can provide an affordable alternative to the car, and could be useful to some people without access to other forms of transport, particularly in areas where public transport is limited. This is one of the reasons that motorcycles have been afforded a lower excise duty than cars. It is our belief then, that motorcyles should be encouraged by Ninewells hospital as an alternative form of transport to the car and that the actions of the car parking management, Vinci Park, are detrimental to this. We believe they should provide adequate parking facilities and security and a reinstatement of the no parking charge for motorcylists.


The Ninewells Biker Action Group.
  • Paul Donnan
    Paul Donnan United Kingdom
    Apr 18, 2017
    Apr 18, 2017
    Please provide adequate motorcycle parking.
  • Alexander Dingle
    Alexander Dingle United Kingdom, Basingstoke
    Mar 01, 2017
    Mar 01, 2017
    Provision for motor cycle parking needs to be made available
  • Jim Herd
    Jim Herd United Kingdom, Dundee
    Jan 07, 2017
    Jan 07, 2017
    How hard can it be to designate 10 motorcycle parking spaces, even utilising wide pavements
  • Marcus Stewart
    Marcus Stewart United Kingdom, Edinburgh
    Oct 20, 2016
    Oct 20, 2016
    Surley not difficult to get sorted.
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    Paul Donnan United Kingdom
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    Samantha Unwin United Kingdom
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    Elaine Scott United Kingdom
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    Chris Curran United Kingdom
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