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Nicole Pascua Deserves An Opportunity To Show Her Dedication

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What ADN 014 is asking for:

That Nicole Pascua be given the opportunity to take the NUR 1300 midterm.

Why ADN 014 is asking for this:

Aside from Nicole Pascua being an amazing friend and general pleasure to be around, she has shown that her dedication to school and her desire to help is genuine, passionate and sincere. She has shown willingness to go above and beyond to make the effort to not only raise her grade, but concurrently provides for herself through it all. This fact, coupled with the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, leave a sorely lacking and inadequate outside learning environment. This may sound like an excuse, but it is in fact a testament to the work that Nicole, and the rest of all the Cohorts in Stanbridge, pour into their studies to keep striving toward our ultimate goal, becoming better versions of ourselves. This may also sound like pointing blame, we are not. Stanbridge has made considerable effort to accommodate all the requests and challenges that have been put on the school and that effort is greatly appreciated. Through it all, we as a cohort, and Nicole, have done what we needed to try and persevere. Although we have managed to make forward strides with our courses and education, they have not been without their fair share of hits bruises. For this reason, we as a Cohort, humbly request that Stanbridge allow Nicole the opportunity to show just how much effort she has put into her studies. We are not asking for an exemption for her, a free-pass, or that she be allowed to just miss the exam. We are asking that she be allowed a chance to prove herself.

This petition is to show Stanbridge the strength of the bond we have built since that first day. President Yasith himself strongly urged we bond with one another and that is indeed a message we all took to heart. She belongs with her Cohort and this petition hopefully shows how much we want her to succeed and believe that she deserves to stay with us.

We simply ask that the administration reconsider their ruling to give her that one last chance to stay part of the ADN 14 family.

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