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We are now into to the third NHL work stoppage during Commissioner Bettman's tenure and hockey fans in North America have had it with the greed from the league and the player's association. We have read over and over that fans want a voice and a way to protect the values of the sport we have invested ourselves in so passionately. The league has grown their Hockey Related Revenues (HRR) to over $3 Billion and we the fans pay the price as the two sides fight over their share of the pie. This site has been created to establish a movement for fans to have a voice and let the NHL and their PA know a work stoppage that holds the fans hostage will NOT be tolerated this time. As they say..."third time is a charm". By signing our petition, you (and your friends, family, co-workers and team mates) can PLEDGE your commitment to support the "FANS CBA" below. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments and responses. FANS CBA:  Replace Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr  $2 Million salary cap on NHL Commissioner/P.A. Executive Director  20% roll back of NHL Executive salaries  20% roll back of player salaries  20% across the board ticket price reduction  Contract CBJ & Phx and move three money losing franchises (NYI > Markham; TB > Quebec & Dal > Seattle)  Dispersal draft of players from contracted teams (56 picks including non-roster players in minors/ 2 rounds)  28 teams/4 divs. 6 games vs own div & 2 games vs other divs = 78 games  Expand roster to 25  50/50 HRR split; any excess goes into escrow for revenue sharing and player pension plan  Cap Ceiling $60M and Floor $30M inflating/deflating by same % as HRR annually  Revenue share between teams to ensure all teams break even  No front-loaded contracts, averaged over term of contract  No contracts over 7 years; limit NTC/NMC to 3/team with trade list in final year  Max per player = 15% of ceiling; Min = $500K; Entry level contracts five years (max $2M/yr)  Free Agency at 28; Compensation for teams that lose players; Arbitration @ 23  One contract buy-out or sell-off per team per year off the cap  One free team jersey for all season ticket holders  One free game ticket to all NHL Center-Ice Pkgs local subscribers  Four new 7-team divisions (Howe, Orr, Gretzky & Lemieux) in honor of a half century of greats (1950-2000)  Sixteen teams qualify for playoffs  Ten year CBA agreement + one year option (Renewal negotiations must start 12 months prior to expiration); Arbitrator after  Lockout/Strikes prohibited If no deal by September 15th:  Fan Strike Pledge plan is executed for one season upon return (ie: remainder of 2012/13 or next full season if out for entire year)  Season ticket holders cancel their accounts  Single ticket fans boycott all games  Fans boycott watching on TV  Suite-holders suspend payment  Fans will boycott all league, PA, & Arena sponsors and owners businesses (see list on blog soon) Act NOW! This is the time to show that the fans have the power to withdraw their support to the league and the PA and watch how fast the HRR dry up. Without the fans there is no NHL. We have all invested time, money and passion into the game. Sign the petition today to show your commitment to this great movement. Cheers. Drew Finerty, 45 year Hockey Fan


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