stop Northern Gateway Pipeline

Joel Berry
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I have several reasons why I believe that it is a good idea to protest and create alternative means for solving Canadians economic situation: Oil and Gas are harmful to the natural biodiversity of the Planets ecosystem and people of Canada would without this NGP be better off. 1)Canada has a horrible amount of residual concentration of earths remaining superpowers and a horrible gap in the rich/poor and this type of hugely concentrated unrenewable fossil fuels project is creating a closed profit reducing the possibilities for the underfinanced young people and everyday Canadian citizen. 2)There are much more ideas that are much more civil for shipping gas than using a pipeline: a) existing taxpayers roads and highway systems with an integration in our economy more accessable b) a cooperative freight/passenger railway improvements....... etc. We have to mutually come to a decision on our earths global crisis that in crossing over human welfare and economical situations and earths potential for renewable energy sources.




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