Save NPRs 'News & Notes'

Jasmyne Cannick
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You can count the number of national radio newscasts dedicated to African-American news and views on one hand. National Public Radio’s ‘News & Notes’ is an important part of today’s radio broadcasting world. Connecting brothers and sisters from coast to coast and continent to continent, from newsmakers to performers, health to finance, News & Notes explores fascinating issues and people from an African American perspective. On December 10, 2008, NPR announced its plans to cancel ‘News & Notes’ effective March 20, 2009. As the nation braces for its first African-American president, now is not the time for NPR to cut its only African-American focused program. Sign the petition today and tell NPR, uh huh, you don’t want to go there. NPR needs to know that canceling ‘News & Notes’ will mean more than just the loss of one of their best shows, it will also mean the loss of millions of listeners and their pledges.


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