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New IP Junior College

Andrew Ng
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9 June 2015

Mr Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister

Orchard Road


Singapore 238823

Dear Prime Minister Sir,

Appeal – New Integrated Programme Junior College

Thank you for your timely intervention in this matter.

Further to our Ipetition of 4 May 2015 and our update letter of 25 May 2015, we would like to present to you our ongoing concerns and the truth behind the unfortunate developments in this matter.

We are deeply concerned about the possibility that the real issues and our correspondence has been kept from you. We believe that this injustice perpetrated on so many of our families is so high-handed, definitive and one-sided that no person with a conscience would allow this unjust situation to persist.


We note that the MOE has totally avoided and ignored our representations. They have simply gone through the motions with little attempt to offer a real solution. A heated dialogue session on 25 May was followed up with a feeble attempt at a superficial “review” which lasted less than 2 weeks. They have yet again given us a “our decision is final” letter on 5 June 2015. What was even more shocking was to see the press and TV getting the news before the parents. This media campaign based on calculated misrepresentation was part of their orchestrated effort to suppress us parents and tell a twisted version of the story.

We totally and utterly reject their claim that they have tried to search for a better solution and have our interests at heart. We remain totally disappointed with the pretense and hypocritical way in which they have handled this matter. This provocation has only deepened the anger and bitterness of the families involved. Many of us have totally given up on the MOE as we have not been able to obtain a fair hearing or solution from them.

We feel that this uncompromising and confrontational attitude is totally unbecoming of an arm of the Government. This is especially so as the history of this episode is littered with incidents of major inconsistences and half-truths on the part of the MOE. There is concrete evidence to suggest that the repeated and cascading delays were known much earlier but they concealed this and kept parents in the dark. In the meantime, they persisted in marketing the IP Programme to us as if everything was on schedule. As a Ministry and an arm of the Government, we would expect them to behave in an honest and honourable way. Whether by oversight or deliberate, whether by deception or by omission, the result for our families is an intolerable sense of betrayal.

The Real Issues

There are many issues involved here. However, MOE has totally ignored the main issue which we have brought up repeatedly. It is that MOE made a promise to our families and they should honour their word and deliver the JC campus on time without excuse or exception. Many families made the choice to send their children to a new and untested JC based on the promises of the MOE to provide a brand new facility. Just as they expect us to honour our word and remain committed to the programme, the MOE should honour their word to us. Is the word of the Ministry so cheap and worthless?

We would also like to state that taking 10 years to build a school in Singapore is totally ridiculous. The JC was announced in 2010. It is now 2015. It will not be ready for students till 2020. Casinos, shopping malls, condominiums and blocks of HDB flats can be built in 3 years. Why does it take 10 years to build this school?

Let us emphasise that there is no rewind button for us. We cannot go back and start over. Hundreds of us trusted the Ministry and commited our children to this JC with no track record. This decision was not taken lightly as it involves 6 years of our children's lives. To aggravate matters, the programme will now be saddled with low morale, unhappiness, discontent and a deep sense of betrayal. MOE should be aware of their responsibility and their accountability and not breach their obligations and renege on the word that was given. MOE should not be toying with peoples' lives with such impunity.

We are also gravely concerned that the MOE is setting a very poor example for our future generations. Are we teaching our students that when a mistake is made, no apology is necessary and we should just cover it up? Are they to be taught to dictate and force their own point of view without conscience? Is this the lesson for our future citizens and leaders?

The Solution

There is a simple solution to all this anger, frustration, anxiety and antagonism. The MOE should work with the other agencies involved to expedite the building of the JC campus by 2018 to honour and fulfill the word that they had given us.

We have no other agenda. All we ask for is justice.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Parents and Students of

Catholic High School

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

Singapore Chinese Girls' School

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