New High School Cheer Coach!!

Kaitlyn Corkell
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We believe it is time for a new High School Cheer Coach! It is a new time, and Greater Nanticoke needs to change with those times! There are other schools that are doing more, involed in more, raising more money and have more team spirit .Nanticoke can be more if we had better leadership someone to show us how to achive these goals. We think that ,that someone is out ther we just failed to look any further than what we have in front of us. The team can be doing things like Competions,fund raising and community sevice,just to name a few. We think no matter what, the position should be posted and open to anyone that applies (every year) all applicants should be looked at and interviewed not to just assume the person in the position is right for the job.It should be based on whats right for the school and the students involed. Please sign this petition to give all of us a fair chance.



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