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New Berlin school district should improve it's Covid19 mitigation policy immediately

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Quick update: according to health department of WI, the new case on Jan.16 reached 35,746 and from Jan 14 to Jan. 16, Wisconsin increased the new Covid19 case of about 70K!

Quick update: according to health department of WI, the new case on Jan.13 reached 20,209!

Omicron variant drives covid19 cases surging in Wisconsin at lighting speed. According to WI department of health, by Jan. 10, 7-day average of new confirmed cases is at record high of 9,063 and a 150% increase over 2 weeks and 260% over 4 weeks. The communite transmission within New Berlin school district boundary is at critical high level. The total confirmed and probable cases reported within New Berlin School District over the last 7 days reached high level of 228 or a rate of per : 646.8/100,000 population.

Health service department of Wisconsin sent letter to all WI school administrators on Jan.10/2022 to request them implementing face mask mandatory requirement for everyone in the school building, to sign up to Participate in the DHS School-Based Testing Program funded by federal funding to support school-based.COVID-19 testing for teachers, staff, students, and their families for the 2021-2022 school year and several other policy to mitigate the Covid19. Please see the letter as below:

DHS letter to schools about protecting students and staff (wisconsin.gov)

New Berlin school district refuse to follow the CDC guide line, refuse to following WI DHS request to participate school based test program or implement the face mask mandatory requirement.

New Berlin school students, teachers, school staffs and their families become the most vulnerable group because New Berlin school district revert most of the Covid19 mitigation policy of quarantine, social distance, face mask requirement of 2020-2021 school year and implement a very poor Covid19 mitigation policy of current 2021-2022 school year.

As the result, the school district reported positive case number of 74 students before winter break (Dec. 22/2021) which is more than 180% of the peak of last school year (40 positive cases on Nov.20/2020).

To make the situation even worse, New Berlin school district made change on Dec. 30/2021 to shorten the Covid19 isolation from 10 days to five days ignoring the requirement of CDC and WI health department's guide line that the person should wear a well-fitting face mask in public whole time for at least 5 more days after the shortened 5 day isolation period.

The number of Covid19 cases in new berlin school district are largely under counted. On school district Covid19 data board, they lso do not count or report the daily number of students/staff on absent because of test positive for COVID-19 using home test kit, showing symptoms of Covid19 but not get test result back yet to confirm or think/know they had/have COVID-19 close contact on the school district Covid19 dashboard, ignoring the fact that due to the surge of Covid19, it is very hard for the families to get a Covid19 test from test site or to get a home test kit to confirm their kids are absent from Covid19. Also due to the delay of test result and shorten of the isolation period, when the PCR test finally come back, the person is already come out of isolation and return back to school causing the person would not be counted as daily positive case either.

Based on the study from UK, the percentage of people still contagious is estimated to be about 31% at day5 and 5% at day 10 since they shows the symptom or tested positive.

If a positive person come to the public at day5 without face mask, the chance of infect others increases about 6 times.

Delta variant doubled new cases every 11 days. Omicron is nearly 3 times more infectious than Delta and will double cases every three to four days.

Now, on top of that, New Berlin recent policy change will likely increase the chance of infection by 6 time which put our Children, our teacher, our school staff our New Berlin families under great health risk.

New Berlin school district must take action immediately to improve their Covid19 policy to protect our children, our teacher, our school staffs and our community! They refuse to do anything as of today.

Our children have taken their responsibility. It is time for our adults to take ours. Please sign and share this petition to make them change immediately before it is too late.

We request them to add but not limited to implement the followings changes to the Covid19 mitigation policy:

1. Add the requirement of that the person should wear a well-fitting face mask in public whole time for at least 5 more days after the shortened 5 day isolation period.

2. Create a isolated lunch area for the person have to wear a well-fitting face mask in public whole time for at least 5 more days after the shortened 5 day isolation period.

3. Count the absent person who is tested positive at home as positive case. Report the daily count of absent due to Covid19 symptom or close contact on the school district Covid19 dash board website.

4. Offer the elementary student the class of face mask required vs class of face mask recommend.

5. Re-install the social distancing restrictions.

6. Add the limitations back for spectators at indoor or outdoor events.

7. Close monitor the positive rate, positive cases and make tiers of mitigation plans such as re-install the face mask mandatory requirement or virtual learning incase of extrem situation. Review and share the plan to parents and publish the plans on school district Covid19 dash board website.

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