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Health Care ‘Reform’ Bill

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Talking Points on Health Care ‘Reform’ Bill I don’t want the government dictating the types of health care that will be available to me and my family. Congress should be required to enroll in the health care plan they are imposing upon American citizens. This bill will actually INCREASE, not decrease, the cost of healthcare in America. It’s ridiculous to take over the entire health care system to provide insurance to less than 15% of the population who are uninsured. Wouldn’t it be less expensive and simpler to just subsidize private policies for the poor? Health care laws need reform, but the big government plan is the opposite of what’s needed. We need more market-based competition, like health savings accounts and transparent, competitive pricing. Consumers should be in the driver seat, directing their own health care dollars. The farther removed the patient is from the actual price of service, the worse the economics of health care in America will get. These kinds of schemes are bankrupting other nations and crippling their health care systems in the process. Why would we want to import that kind of failure? Social Security is broke. Medicare is broke and both are setting the US government on a course of economic ruin. I don’t think a government with this kind of track record should be taking over what is now the most advanced health care system in the world. I’m very suspicious of the huge rush to enact these health care reforms. Something this important that will affect every American should be the topic of vigorous and robust national debate with full transparency. Polls have consistently demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want this kind of health care ‘reform.’ If this is rammed through, our representative democracy will have utterly failed and instead of representatives we will have rulers. It will be a dark day for the United States. I urge you to support common sense health care reforms ideas like tort reform, elimination of government mandates and allowing the purchasing of insurance across state lines. I expect you to vote AGAINST the health care ‘reform’ bill. If you vote to take away my freedom to decide my own health care, I will do everything in my power to ensure you are defeated in the next election.

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