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Neopian Rules are Unfair!

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For a very long time now, Neopets has been a big part of the web. Possibly even one of the biggest and most popular sites out there. Many people from all over the world join Neopets. At first, it was a symbol of freedom and fun. Now, its not fun. They are trying to make it so fun and cool that they forgot what we really want. Freedom and the right to speak of what we want! They say that we can\'t mention God or our accounts get frozen! That is bull shit! If you want to speak of God and Christ, go ahead! Stand up to Neopets, make new accounts and talk about what you believe in all day! Maybe Neopets will realize what we are doing. As Americans, we have the right to speak of what we want and we have the right to use any words we want! Don\'t let ANYBODY tell you what you can and can\'t do. Don\'t let Neopets push you around just because they think that they are so big and bad. They don\'t even know you! And you don\'t know them! So why listen to them If they send you a warning, continue doing what you were doing! Get as many account frozen as possible! Make the Neopets staff work until they sweat! Make so much fuss that they will HAVE to change the rules! It is time to stop neopets from this madness and get the old neopets back, the fun Neopets.com. If we work together, we will be able to make Neopets the fun site it once was. And for all of you haters out there who think that what we are doing is stupid, go ahead and laugh. You\'ll see once we win this battle that we are 10 times better than you!


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