Great Danes viciously Kill little my Yorkies: House Bill 2137 Arizona R Statute 11-1025 “Aggressive Dog Owner Responsibility La

Susan L Piccinino
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I am Susan Piccinino, the victim & witness of this crime accused Defendant is my neighbor Tragically, on July 11/2012, The Defendant's Great Danes slipped through from my yard -back into her yard from a large hole they dug under my fence. 

We were at the Great Dane's mercy as I became engaged in a tug-of -war situation between me & the Great Dane, to gain possession of my Yorkie dog Out of fear of the Great Dane's aggressive growling of being bitten myself & realizing my Yorkie had stopped struggling & gone limp in my grip I had no choice but let him have her lifeless little body 

I watched in horror as the two great Danes licked blood off each other like wild animals. Shockingly the great Danes kept coming back to the hole in a killing frenzy-clawing & scratching continually determined to get into my yard again 

I sustained several bruises abrasions cuts & scrapes from the sliding around on the gravel & sticking my arms under the fence as I tried to save my Yorkie I was told by the Animal Control officer that my injuries were inconsequential since I was not actually bitten. I would have gladly taken a mauling by The Defendant's dogs to save my Yorkies

My life has turned to turmoil due to, but not limited to; attending court hearings, gathering documents to prove my of two Dogs value & the circumstances leading up to this spiteful crime. 

There are social standards that allow for peaceful, friendly living which are meant to protect Society from individuals reeking havoc on a new neighborhood they move into I am not the only Property owner that has had to resort to calling Animal Control to The Defendant’s residence regarding her dogs being at large 

Freedom is a basic human right that is in disputable I have been forced to forfeit my freedom because of this fatal REAL Danger & Fear of future attacks. Every call to make an exception to basic RIGHTS or to bypass them is immoral. I no longer have freedom to take pleasure in my own Real Estate property that took me 40 years to obtain. 

Many dog owners enjoy having vicious dogs capable of Killing they even encourage such violent behavior For this reason last year penalties increased when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed House Bill 2137 Under Arizona Revised Statute 11-1025, dog owners are now held criminally liable for the damages their pets cause to other people’s pets & property. However, here in Kingman AZ. (Mohave County) the new laws have been ignored 

I continually complained & called Animal Control, for which The Defendant’s not only verbally assaulted me with foul language, but also threatened to kick my ass if I Called Animal Control again Forcing me to file an Order of Restraint & the order was granted. 

The slaughter of my dogs did not occur as a fluke or by accident It was bound to happen due to lack of due diligence, as referred to in reports by Animal Control regarding ongoing complaints prior to this incident due The Defendant’s Great Danes constantly being at large & A MENACE to the neighborhood. 

All of this trauma could have been prevented if Defendant had heeded the numerous warnings given to her by Animal Control officers. All of my complaints & pleas were met with inconsideration & hostility. Now due to her own actions leading up to the day of this crime, The Defendant is now legally & ethically liable financially for restitution. BUT 

No amount of restitution will be enough to compensate me for the overwhelming grief I am experiencing & stress for how I am now forced to proceed in the future. I have not been able to sleep at night when I wake up reaching for my little bed partners & they are not there anymore I am having nightmares of the violent bloody scene that I was helpless to stop. 

Blood was everywhere besides on the faces & bodies of the two Great Danes, but slung onto my fences, smeared in & around the hole & splattered on the side of The Defendant’s home. Blood covered the gates where the Great Dane attempted to jump after I blocked their access to my yard & blood was all over her sidewalks & porches. 

To add further insult injuries The Defendant never even bothered to wash away the blood-spattered scene in her own yard, forcing me to see it over & over again as a daily reminder. The blood stained environment only began to dissipate from the rains we had a several days later. 

The Defendant has made no effort to repair damages & secure the fence, which her Great Danes destroyed We continue to be barricaded behind a wall, constructed of boards & furniture, which Animal Control officers helped me to pile up on the day of the incident I am fearful of going out into my own yard. 

I cannot allow my remaining 2 dogs out into their own yard to go potty; they are forced to defecate on my patio behind the barricades A large Great Dane dog does not have to actually bite me to cause injury, due to my disabilities if they knocked me down, I would require emergency medical care which repeatedly I tried to impress this fact on The Defendant However my pleas fell on deaf ears & she responded with vulgarity 

It is a proven fact that any dog that goes so wild as to attack, kill & eat another pet has the propensity to then attack humans & most likely children 

My peaceful existence has been irreparably damaged as a result of The Defendant's NEGLECT in spite of the numerous warnings she received in the past from Animal Control 

While awaiting further proceedings in this matter I have been underprivileged of my basic Civil Rights: to not deprive any person of life, liberty, or property & Constitutional rights to Private Property: To acquire, have & use the means necessary to exercise the above natural rights & pursue happiness. Specifically including A private residence, from which others may be excluded 

As the victim in this CRIME, I have been made to feel that my losses, damages & rights are inconsequential & bargained away in the name of Justice. My punishments now & for years to come are far harsher


The Whole Story- TWO Great Dane dogs dig under fence to Kill Neighbors two Yorkies Aug 25. 2012


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    Dec 07, 2015
    I know this happened years ago, but I wanted to use my signature as condolences. I have a yorkie and I can't imagine what you went through.


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