Negative Impact of Former Junior Becoming a Senior

Maribel Rojas
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We the Class of 2013, object to the unexpected transition of the former junior, Link Ferch, in becoming a senior this spring semester.  This abrupt change has dramatically impacted and surprised our senior class. We disapprove of this and view it as an unfair action because it forces many seniors to look for alternative ways to pay for college after they considered scholarships due to class rankings and placement in percentage of the class. He hasn't been a part of all the effort us seniors have put into being where we are now including accomplishments as a class, school activities as a class, fundraisers for senior class, and every other activity during our 4 years in high school. Taking into consideration not all seniors are aware of this drastic change and continue relying on their class rank for college purposes. Also it is viewed as unfair that he jump from being 3rd in his former junior class to being number one in our senior class. 



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