Justice for Ruby Cooper

ruby cooper
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Ruby Cooper was stalked by a clerk at Natwest Bank where she was the client. Her computer information was stolen and this man stalked her for two years and the bank would NOT do anything about it though he got his information from the banks computers to get information on her to stalk her. The bank did deals with Cherie and Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett to stitch her up to be criminalised as a means of ruining her life for whistleblowing and over 78 crimes were committed against her to silence her when she fought for womens rights to be heard and cared for. The Natwest and RBS Banks used their friends in power to silence her and destroy her life and business. She lost over £1 million pounds in lost earnings and has had to fight for justice for 16 YEARS....she has fought hard with the police to help victims of stalking to save lives for victims of stalking and is asking for David Cameron to answer the letter she sent him. WHO did Natwest and RBS do deals with in this govt and the last to suppress her being stalked??? David Cameron MUST get the answers and do something about this abuse of the law to help MPs who helped Natwest Bank get away with their crimes





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