Naturopathic Patients Against Censorship

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As patients of Naturopathic Doctors regulated in Ontario, our access to the full scope of naturopathic medicine is at risk.

Recently, new restrictions have prevented Naturopathic Doctors from being able to provide their full scope of care as outlined in the Naturopathy Act of 2007 (Ontario) (

Certain aspects of health are surprisingly, in the last 1.5 years, deemed out of scope, including:

-Discussion of the immune system in relation to COVID-19

-Discussion of Vitamin D3 (even with evidence supporting its efficacy and benefits) in relation to COVID-19

-Management of symptoms that fall under the criteria listed for COVID-19 (for eg. “Red eye”)

At this time, uncensored discussions of available therapies and/or natural support of the immune system and/or symptom-focused therapies, in relation to COVID-19, is prohibited by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO).

Additionally, Naturopaths are unable to provide any discussion around experimental interventions, which is in direct contravention to their role as primary health care providers. This includes informing the public of their available options.

As a result patients of Naturopaths have NO choice, but to only consult with their Medical Doctor. This is in contravention of each patient's rights and freedoms to choose alternate therapies, as well as full and informed consent.

We are very concerned of the impediment to our freedom of medical choice and the restrictions placed on our Naturopathic Doctors. Especially that these Naturopathic doctors have been a primary source of support and strength in our individual health journeys.

Maintaining the full scope of naturopathic care would be in the best interest of serving the public and lessening the burden on the healthcare system.

As per CONO’s website, “The College regulates naturopaths in Ontario in the interest of the public. CONO’s mandate is to support patients’ rights to receive safe, competent and ethical naturopathic care.”

Further, as per CONO, “When [CONO does] our job well, we have set rules that ensure safe care that benefits patients; we have registered the right people who are qualified and committed to providing safe, ethical and competent care; we have ensured that our Registrants maintain their knowledge, skill and judgement (i.e. competency); and we have held those who may have faltered to be accountable for their decisions.”

As per the above, CONO’s aim is to protect the public. At a time when Naturopathic Doctors have a great opportunity to support the public and decrease the burden on the healthcare system, these restrictions directly impede these goals.

We call upon CONO to safeguard the scope of practice and rescind the restrictions imposed on Naturopathic Doctors that inhibit full scope of care, as described above.

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