Native American Tribe Says Building of Keystone Pipeline will be Considered an Act of War

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If All That Was Sacred To You Was Being Desecrated, Would You Fight The Fine Fight To Defend It? In Order To Secure The Legends, The Myths, The Past, The Present The Future?

Cassius Methyl
November 18, 2014 (TheAntiMedia)A few days ago, the House of Representativesapproved a bill allowing for construction of the Keystone Pipeline, sponsored by Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. Now, only the senate and president have to approve the bill for this massive corporation to have full permission to steal land from Native American tribes, farmers, ranchersand countless other Americans to build the pipeline. This theft will take, which is why the government is so heavily involved in this process. A judge has already rebukedJohn Heineman’s attempt to fast track the pipeline’s route through private and Native American lands. Natives are firstly concerned because their land will literally be stolen from them by the government and handed over to a Big Oil corporation, and secondly because it could easily malfunction and end up polluting large amounts of land and water.