National and International Discipline Petiton

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The purpose of this petition is because I believe that discipline is lacked not only nationally but also internationally.

Now as far as the Present state of which we in the Country of America lack is the ability to properly discipline and set standards and rules that need to be set.
And I feel like we personally need to call for the use of corporal punishment
and not just in the school do we need discipline but in the home discipline
is needed as well.
And I feel like discipline is lacking and it has been lacked and people are getting away with things they should not get away with.
And it is time that we get sick of it and that we get real and not let the law control how children are disciplined by their parents.
People think it is wrong to spank your child,
it is wrong to beat your child, no what is wrong is them thinking that it is wrong.
And I wish even for me when I was growing up that there was for me old-fashioned discipline because we need some old-fashioned discipline
I believe it is neccesary, I believe it is appropriate, and I believe it needs to happen, and it needs to happen today
Not just nationally but internationally
If we create better people we can create better lives
If we create better children, we can create better behaviors.
Sometimes it takes harshness, it may not be wanted to be harsh, or liked to be harsh but business is business, and we must show that in the schools and in the home. Why is all this neccesary because it is and if I did not feel it was neccesary if I did not feel like it was right
if I did not feel it is appropriate or was appropriate I would have not written this petition, I would have not taken out time to write this petition I need you to agree with me in this and agree with me about this
because we do need this and we need to accept this.
Please sign because I really and truly need your support