Restore the Natatorium, Save Kaimana Beach

Donna Ching
Donna Ching Honolulu 30 Comments
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We, the undersigned, support the full restoration of the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium to its intended use as a salt water swimming venue and "Living Memorial." A $1.2M engineering study of all alternatives supports our belief that restoration will cost less, better protect the marine conservation district, and provide greater recreational, economic and aesthetic benefits than demolishing the pool. Any attempts to remove or relocate portions of the facility constitute a breach of our commitment to honor the more than 10,000 people from Hawaii who served in WWI and will cause significant harm to Kaimana Beach and the surrounding reef. We have spent over $4M to restore the restrooms and bleachers. Let's finish the pool so our "Living Memorial" can once again be enjoyed by all.


This petition is sponsored by the Friends of the Natatorium, a 501-c3 organization that has worked to restore the memorial for over 20 years.


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