Naruto-Abunai Petitio

Victor Anyirah
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"This is a petition for the MMORPG,Naruto Abunai. This game was going to be something great, but then it was closed down. I believe this was wrong. The producers came so far, and it was loved by so many. Sign this and your voice can be heard. The citizens are the most powerful part of a country.Your voice does matter,So let it be heard. Tell anyone and everyone. Even if this fails, it is still worth it. I will NOT accept defeat until i have tried everything. Sign this petition and be apart of something greater. Let Abunai continue.


Me and the The Abunai lovers.





  • 8 years ago
    John Sgorrano United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Cory ( Maddrox ) United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Victor A United States
    8 years ago