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Our Beauty School in London offer wide range ofshortnailcoursesin: manicure, pedicure, fiberglassand silk, gel polish application, UV gel extensions, acrylic extensions and many types of nail art and beauty courses in:make-up, eyelash extensions, hair extensions, body waxing, spraytanningwith many promotions and special offers.



  • Dominika Jastrzebska
    Dominika Jastrzebska United Kingdom, Croydon
    Aug 04, 2014
    Aug 04, 2014
    emi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions -consultation.
    Here is few basic information on this type of lashes:
    *Eyelashes (like all hair on our body) grow in stages: some are small (baby lashes), some are already mature (thicker and longer), some are nearly ready to shed and some are just starting to grow under the skin. They grow in few rows, so we never see big, bold gaps, when they shed. The growth cycle is about 3 months long, but can be shorten by health problems or stress.
    *Semi-permanent -this mean that to maintain full look you will need an in-fill every 4 weeks, which is paid for additionally.
    *Individual -mean, that only 1 single false lash will be glued to your 1 single natural lash (1:1) They should stick together creating thicker and longer, naturally looking eyelash.
    *Full set of those lashes is 70-100 lashes per eye (depending on how many lashes client has) Full set is completed when there is no "empty"grown lashes left. Baby lashes are left alone, they will be extended in 4 weeks (some of old lashes will shed and baby lashes will grow by then)


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