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Change MZ pack offerings - charge less, make more

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Dear MZ Marketing and Financial Officers;

My name is BugsBunnny, from Kingdom 825. I'm not a coliseium competitor, I don't run a super wonder alliance, my name isn't StayAlive or CTesse or School Bus, I'm just a small fish in a large Game of War pond.

But I know marketing. I know advertising. For the last 21 years I've run marketing campaigns on national and international levels. I've worked on political campaigns, ran musician tour promotions, promoted events, games and businesses across the world. I'm a very large fish, in the small advertising pond here in the United States.

I'm familiar with economics. I know that at some point in this new mobile online gaming platform, price points had to be created. I don't blame the developers because they had no starting point. They created $20, $50, $100 packs because that's what the market would pay. Now we have multi million dollar corporations from the development of a "free" phone game. Success at it's finest.

However, how many customers have quit due to these excessive price points. How many irritated customers have been created because the "free" game they downloaded has only drained their bank account because of gaming addiction, ease of purchase, or rage buying. How many "low" populated kingdoms are there because people have not been able to spend to keep up?

You see, you're targeting one type of customer, but catering to another type of customer. This isn't a free game, anymore than when I go to an arcade and try to play the games there for free. Sure the demo screen is cool, but I have to put money into the game to really enjoy the experience. No one is enjoying their Game of War experience without sinking money into the game. It's just not possible.

MZ has the chance to be a revolutionary. You have the chance to change the mobile online gaming market. You've introduced the 50% packs... make those the new $99.99 packs and get rid of the $99.99 packs altogether. Make the new price points $19.99 / $49.99. I guarentee you'll have more populated kingdoms, I guarentee you'll make more money, I guarentee people will be praising MZ for it's game changing attitude around mobile price points.

People do not have a problem spending $100-$200 on a console game. Or $400-$700 on a gaming console. But where does $500-$900 currently get you in Game of War? Prestige VIP 15? Halfway through a march tree?

Would you rather have 500 players paying $49.99 or 100 players paying $99.99.

The economics are there. You can make more money by making the game cheaper and cater to more customers. You can even roll out more things because people are more likely psychologically to spend $1000 in $49.99 increments over time than with $99.99 increments.

You also remove two of your largest issues. Pack loading (no one is going to waste their time loading $49.99 packs because the conversion rates aren't worth their effort) and chargebacks (even if they do chargeback, you aren't losing a ton of money, a few small purchases vs very large purchases).

Business is about decisions. Imagine the headlines, publicity and new customers if were to announce MZ their decision to abolish the $99.99 packs to cater to their clientele. That they have listened to their customers and are making the game more affordable to more people. The clash of clans users would quickly download Game of War to check it out seeing that it is more fun and less expensive, creating an immediate new customer base.

I'm not staging a protest, not asking for a freeze of purchases, those who spend will spend, but you are being offered a unique opportunity to make a difference in the mobile gaming community. You can be the one who listens to their customers. You can attract new customers, make more money, and continue creating a stellar game. You can have more money to spend to make more stable servers, have more users, and a bigger following...

Sincerely a Small Fish,

BugsBunny #825

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