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A Letter to Game Insight RE: Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure

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In light of recent events, we feel it imperative that our collective voice be heard with regard to the true driving force behind these events. It is our intention, as paying customers and loyal gamers, to assist you in any way we can to help the game evolve into something we can love again.

Many of us have had the same gaming experience: we played, as it was presented to us, until approximately level 30, and up until this time many of us made in-app purchases for currency. When we realized how extremely expensive the game would become, due to the heavy restrictions of the game, many of us considered deleting the game. At that time many of us had not yet discovered the social aspect of the game, but that changed when out of exasperation with what could’ve been a fabulous game, we searched for help and found our respective forums where we met friends who shared their strategies with us. We built online friendships, some of which have become real life relationships, all with Mystery Manor as the cornerstone, as we helped each other along in the game.

Obviously some of these strategies shared were frowned upon and they have since been removed from the game. While we accepted that it would happen one day, we were not prepared for what accompanied it. The new obstructions that have been introduced are by far more oppressive than before, and are clearly driving away frustrated players in droves. Those who have remained have taken up arms in a desperate attempt to stop the bleeding; the customers you are losing are friends that we are losing. The existing lines of communication are poor; many of the suggestions are not quite fully evolved to include the fact that Game Insight is also in business to make money and are undoubtedly causing irritation for you rather than offering helpful advice. We seek to rectify that.

There are many, many suggestions for future enhancements to the game that have been made by your customers, including the removal of the “Gift Sent” button and reinstatement of the Services tab (even if diamond rewards are not given). While we won’t go on to list the rest in this letter, those two are without a doubt the two most leveled complaints as they are the most obstructive. We do ask that these two, at least, be rectified immediately. This should be an easy “band-aid” approach against losing more players and would show good will on your part toward your commitment to enhancing, not restricting, game play.

In the long term, we feel that better milestone rewards are in order. Based on our early experiences, we feel that you will always make the most money from new players who are desperate to get to the next level, doing so assuming conditions will ease. If you create ways for the more experienced players to help them easier, you will get more mileage out of the higher level players who, quite frankly, have made it clear that they refuse to spend any more money, and get more satisfaction out of your newer players who will be more encouraged to engage in the social element of the game rather than simply delete the app when frustrated. One suggestion may be to increase the amount of daily gifting at certain higher levels (this should also come with the ability to send additional gifts to each person, such as two chargers and two collection items at level 50, three/three at level 100, etc). Without this type of reward, the economics of the game are extreme and unreasonable. The diamonds would need to come down in price drastically to balance out the player’s ability (or lack thereof) to assist one another.

If you take a moment to understand the players and how the gaming experience unfolds throughout the levels of play, it is easy to see how the experience can be enhanced between older and newer players while encouraging play and, therefore, making the game more profitable. We encourage you to open a more fluid line of communication where suggestions, and yes, even negotiations, can take place. As players, we by no means wish for a free ride or to make the game too easy to play. We all do enjoy a good challenge! However, the current circumstances occurred due to players feeling punished for simply trying to find joy in helping one another in a social game, where helping one another should be encouraged. There is surely a happy medium that we can come to, and we hope that the suggestions in this letter are taken seriously. Please expedite your discussions on how you plan to move forward, and ensure that your gaming public is informed with what steps you are taking. If you plan to have an emergency meeting to discuss it, let us know, and then let us know what the outcome of that meeting is. We anxiously await your feedback as to what your actions are and will be in this matter, and to date we have not been given any such information.

Thank you,
Mystery Manor Gamers


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