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The removal of inappropriate ads for underage users @ MySpace.com

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For the attention of : Tom Anderson / Chris DeWolfe / Rupert Murdoch / Hemanshu Nigam First of all, may I thank you for offering such a wonderful service, allowing sole persons the possibility of networking with millions of other like-minded individuals worldwide - allowing people to gain global recognition for their own individuality, and expression of themselves, thereof. I also wish to thank you for the strong customer service team, well trained at enforcing the bylaws of the government, thus making MySpace.com a generally safe place in which individuals, like myself, can exhibit themselves and entertain others with my pictures, videos, customised profiles and blogs, all linked from one main page. However, I find that there is a very grave problem in the service that I use so frequently, the advertisements. I, almost relentlessly, visit the advertisements from time to time, in order to help keep MySpace 100% free. Though sometimes I can not help to feel, but repulsed by what is being displayed in front of me. Yes - I\'m talking about the typical, half-naked women, holding each other salaciously in some twisted hope that they will entrance men, women, BOYS AND GIRLS from so many varied different backgrounds. I somewhat hope you are sensing to where the criticism ultimate dwells. As we have seen, through press releases regarding the employment of Chief Security Officer Hemanshu Nigam, ex-federal prossecutor, MySpace.com take the laws and bye-laws of the government very strictly. (I am no law student myself, with no prior knowledge to whether these laws are true or not, but I am aware these issues carry serious consequences) In recent weeks, MySpace.com has announced many promises in reference to the criticism seen in the media regarding pedophiles and child-pornography, yet surely by subject under-18 year olds to such activities, through the ever dominant advertisements, on practically 99.9% of your webpages - this would surely portray your fine team as hypocrites, no It\'s fact that this issue can be resolved, to the liking of both parties - as I would not doubt the power of the team that you have behind you. It is understandable that it is not your responsibility to check the suitability of ads on your network, that it is usually reliant on the advertiser themselves - however, we know that is possible for you to filter certain ads for certain users - for instance, if a user is registered in Australia, ad\'s will be displayed that play some relevance, likewise for users under MySpace UK and MySpace.com. If it is possible to target ad\'s based on country of residence, surely such a huge orginisation such as yourselves, and the advertisement company(ies) - can develop a way which would target ads for the simple 2 different age groups 18 and over, and 18 and under, this was substantially improve the chances of users that are \'logged-in\', of visiting ads which may be of interested to them. \'Having sex tonight\', although it may be on my mind as a teenager, is not something I would willingly do, following an hours conversation with a person, alias \'FitGurl21UK\' from Golborne, California ! This would be the perfect point, in which to criticise the ad\'s once again - based on their geographical knowledge (or not), and also of the instantaneous introduction of meaningless sex worldwide, for children aged from as young as 14. However - this moral aspects of this are torn worldwide, and are not the greatest subject of concern. I would now like to highlight the position, of my friend Craig Menzies of Glasgow, Scotland, no doubt a position shared by hundreds of thousands of other people, from many different backgrounds worldwide. Craig is seventeen - and he has been using the internet since he was a young child like many people. Recently, his cousin, aged 14 learnt of MySpace.com after he was introduced to it by Craig - in all fairness, HTML is a very daunting thing to the untrained eye, so Craig offered to help set-up his profile. A few days later, Craig and his cousin were at a wedding celebration together, were his cousin asked Craig, \'What are the bouncing sex ad\'s all about\' - this event really sparked the petition as a whole - is it really appropriate that 14-18 year olds be subject to ads which play no relevance to why they are actually using MySpace.com To summarise, we are hoping for a resolution to the inappropriate ads which cover 99.9% of MySpace.com - reaching an average of 32% of each 1,000,000 internet users - of whom on average view 41 pages a day. ( www.alexa.com ) I hope you can help resolve this problem exigently. On behalf of all concerned, I wish to thank you for taking the time to read this petition.


Piers Brown ( http://www.myspace.com/smartbastard ) Craig Menzies ( http://www.myspace.com/omfgitscraig )
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