Muslim Brotherhood must be declared as a terrorist organization

Heba Tohamy
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I invite all as an absolute necessary that Muslim Brotherhood must be declared as a terrorist group in the world because of their crimes in Egypt. These crimes are documented by legal issues in Egyptian courts now such as: killings, arson, assassinations, bombings, and torture. This is typical criminal behavior for any terrorist group; this also emphasized by the deep relationship "proved" between Muslim Brotherhood with Al-Qaeda, Jihadist groups, and Hamas movement as an armed forces of the MB in Gaza, whom illegally crossed borders into Egypt during the revolution of 25th January and it is classified as a terrorist movement, because of their crimes which are documented in Gaza and Egypt. MB distorted the facts and published in media across the world with the help of many intelligence agencies worldwide.



  • 4 years ago
    Heba Tohamy Egypt
    4 years ago