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Justice for Autumn Murdered by her father 08-07-05

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Adam B. signed just now Please read the article above. She had called H\'ville police dept. to stop this man from leaving with her daughter, he had been drinking, the police told her they would arrest her if she took her daughter out of the car, even though he admitted to have drunk, she was who called the police to seek help. He called her at 5:30am.. told her Autumn was dead and hung up on her. At the hospital he had no remorse, all he kept saying is \"your my wife, this will make us stronger\" etc. Never cried over what he meant to do, you don\'t cry over things you do purposely. He said when he woke up thier was a pillow on her face... She also had no stomach contents. A little bile, when you soft suffocate someone they throw up, also with sids they don\'t throw up. And if they law had been followed a death scene done, they might have had their evidence. They did nothing though and this poor little baby is dead. Please help get justice for this baby girl! Macon County did not follow the law on the death of an infant under 1 year of age, nor did anyone connected with this case. Please help by signing this petition so we can try to get some Justice for baby Autumn. This was the one and only time he ever had her alone, her little lips were black, she was done into full rigor mortis when he called the EMTs. They couldn\'t even open her little mouth. They did not follow TN\'S own laws requiring a death scene investigation to be done, they did not question him that day, they did NOTHING! He told her \"god made him do it\" etc. Some of the most horrible and vile things to say to a mother who has lost her child, especially by being murdered and nothing being done about it. He told her he only took her out of spite, he admitted he bought her no formula, he has told different times as to when he went to bed with her, he never cried at the funeral, at the hospital she lay dead in a bed by herself.. He nor his family was in their with her when her mother arrived, if you run over someone on accident, kill someone on accident, you are filled with Grief and sorrow, he showed none, well you don\'t cry over something you meant to do.. Here is a newspaper article the nashville scene just did. Please help us get justice for Autumn!


Desiree Spencer her cousin, Tommie Adams her mother and countless other family members and friends.
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