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We the undersigned thank you for taking the time to ready the following statements. We hope that the gravity of the situation which has resulted in this petition is met with the same sincerity as the parents who are concerned about the safety and security of their children.

 Over the past four years it has become self-evident that the CEO has been the catalyst in a slow decline of satisfaction for the parents and staff of MudPies Downtown. In addition his actions are contrary to the strategic plan or vision of the NWCDC. This is evidenced by the following actions which counter the stated direction of NWCDC as laid out in the strategic plan which was ratified by the Board of Directors.

  1. The loss of the 5 star rating of the facilities in downtown.

  2. The loss of multiple teachers in good standing due to improper leadership and inadequate incentives to retain them.

 3. Numerous instances of verbal aggression towards parents and teachers, including the leadership of the MudPies Downtown facility.

  4. Lack of or proper response to concerns voiced by the parents, teachers and leaders within MudPies related to the safety and wellbeing of the children and staff.

  5. Inappropriate relations, namely dating and engagement, of a current employee under his direct supervision which he had placed at the facility.

  6. Increased instances of injury of children due to policy and staffing changes directed by the CEO. An example of this is the initiative to save money by creating higher ratios of child to teacher during the morning drop off and afternoon pickup times. In one particular instance, a parent has had a child twice injured with no explanation or knowledge of the injury by the teachers. This was due to a high child to teacher ratio. When he was contacted Tony has been negligent in returning phone calls or email to the parents. In a second instance, multiple infants were left with a single teacher at 6 pm. The new director had locked the building and enabled the alarm. The parents were unaware of the situation until they arrived to find the building locked. In cases we have seen up to three classes consolidated with one teacher in the room. This is primarily with the older children but that is where the injuries seem to be more prevalent.

 As such, we the parents of children enrolled at Mudpies facilities managed by NWCDC do hereby declare the following:

 1. No longer will we tolerate the blatant disregard of our children’s educations and welfare by the CEO of NWCDC.

  2. No longer will we tolerate the mismanagement of the investments we place in NWCDC by enrolling our children.

  3. No longer will we tolerate the mistreatment of the teachers and leaders of the facilities.

  In response we are demanding the following actions by the Board of Directors:

 1. The immediate and unconditional request for the resignation of the CEO of NWCDC.

  2. Review and revision of the current benefits, compensation and incentives for the teachers and leaders of MudPies facilities. The benefits should include incentives for high performance, compensation comparative to industry peers or higher and discounts for childcare services.

  3. Efforts to retain teachers who may leave due to the above mentioned indiscretions.

 Without action we the parents are prepared to take whatever measures deemed best for our children to ensure their safety and welfare. This could include actions such as moving our children to other facilities.


Parents of MudPies Downtown





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