Ms.Zinermon's class structure and criteria need to be investigated and changed to better serve her students.

Kim  Parra
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The students of this petition seek a full investigation by the board of Pensacola State College regarding Ms. Zinermon's classroom structure, grading scale, and general attitude toward her students in a classroom environment. Ms. Zinermon's ability to deliver class assignments so that the entire class/classes has an understanding upon speech day is in question. She has been approached by many students in the past only to get a passive- aggressive answer and abrasive attitude. Some of us have met with her in private to resolve issues but yet the problems persist. She assigns work with no clear outcome of how she wants the speech done or good examples such as a video of a debate. Many students have seen debates but were not familiar with her format in real time. Some students have different learning styles and need more information and we don't realize it until we get our grade back from our speech. She does not make it clear as other teachers do to how to do really well in her class. She gave us the grading scale halfway through the class semester and some of us did not know we were not doing that well. We question Ms. Zinermon's ability to help students without making them feel inferior.





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