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A Request for a New Chemistry Teacher

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When I speak, I speak for my fellow students. Mrs. Plunkett fails to adequately teach us chemistry. With Mrs. Plunkett, chemistry seems like a chem-mystery. I, as a student of hers, find her lessons and talks confusing and not well explained. My fellow students and I believe she does not meet the standard of a Spellman teacher.

  • Most students struggle in her class, even top students.
  • Mrs. Plunkett has referred to herself as a biologist many times, making most students believe that she is more fit in the role of a biology teacher than a chemistry teacher. She also has stated that she hasn't taught chemistry in a long time.
  • She has made barely any of her own power points and instead reads through the power points made by the company of our book. She then expects us understand the entire lesson from her reading through the power point, however we would probably get as much information from the power point if we were to go through it ourselves. Even though the power points go along with our book, she almost never refers to our textbook.
  • Our homework is just worksheets she continually prints of the Internet that we feel don't help us much. She also expects us to read the chapter and to answer the questions in the back of the book by ourselves, leaving many of us feeling like we have to teach ourselves.
  • Mrs. Plunket has stated that she dislikes her job.
  • She has recently quizzed us on a topic that we were "apparently" suposed to learn back in December. It was a pop quiz for my class(chemistry honors), however it was not for her other chemistry honors class. They were told the day before about the quiz. A student has cried in the class because of this quiz.
  • In my class my fellow students have asked multiple times for help or an explanation again, but instead Mrs. Plunkett rarely provides an explanation and mainly yells at you for not understanding something that is "simple" in her eyes.
  • We are behind in chapters compared to Dr. Hanley's chemistry class.
  • She is absent from school many days, leaving us with worksheets and taking away possible learning days.
  • One of the days, we had a substitute who reviewed our lessons with us. Many of my fellow classmates feel that the substitute taught us much more than Mrs. Plunkett has on that lesson and many more students had a better understanding of it

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