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Mr. Richard Lee reinstated to Camino Nuevo High

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This is a quote from Mr. Richard Lee. In short words, he was terminated from Camino Nuevo High School for something he did not intend to do. After I came home, I thought about 6th period, last Wednesday. It probably will not make much of a difference now that I have been discharged, but knowing the following details might possibly open the opportunity for reconsideration of employment. After multiple times of asking Danny Lopez to stop disturbing his classmates, I told him to sit in a chair nearby me & think about what he was doing wrong. After he sat down on the brown chair, I remembered that I had a black sleep mask in my bag. I asked him if he wanted to use it because it helped me, but I also told him that it was optional. About 5 minutes later, Dustin, Maria, & Amy walked into my classroom with a video camera. Maria asked me if they could interview me in regards to working at Santee H.S. vs. CNHS. I asked them if they could wait because helping my students came first. Carlos Diego was waiting for me to help him understand how to find the scale factor for his POL, but Amy assumed that I'd be done helping Carlos Diego in 1 minute. She walked over to Danny Lopez & started talking with him, so I interrupted their conversation & told Amy that Danny wasn't supposed to talk because he was thinking about what he had done wrong. Then, Amy lied to me by saying that Danny wasn't talking, but she also told me that I shouldn't force Danny to wear a blindfold. I told her that I wasn't forcing him & that I would prefer that the media trio leave because they were now disturbing my class. Maria & Dustin left the classroom without any argument(s), but Amy walked out after telling me to "kiss her ass." I spoke with Mr. Charlie Mellon about this incident the very next day. I guess the "Use of Blindfolds" does include having one available for a student to use, if they feel it is helpful. Honestly, my intention was not to use it as an intervention for lack of behavior, which would then be a violation of compliance with the Education Code. I merely provided my own for use because Danny Lopez throught it would help him & it did. I asked him afterwards if the mask helped & he told me that it did help him to think about what he had done wrong. Please talk to Danny Lopez, Maria Pena, Dustin, Carlos Diego, Alexis Gonzalez, & Dany Gonzalez if you need verification of the aforementioned detail of events on 3/28/07. If at all possible, please reconsider my discharge because I love the teaching experience & students at CNHS. Many of the students @ CNHS will confirm how much they have learned & will continue to learn through me, even as their substitute. Thank you. -- Mr. Lee Richard In short Mr. Lee was fired for asking Dany lopez to think about what he had done. Mr. Lee had asked Dany Lopez if he wanted to put on a sleeping mask. Dany lopez had willingly agreed and put it on. The sleeping mask had actually helped a lot to Danny lopez. Amy Pineda came into the class to interview Mr. Lee, but Mr lee was helping a student at the time. So Amy pineda decides to talk to danny lopez. Maria, Dustin, and Amy were causing too much of a distraction so they were asked to leave. Amy willingly said ," Kiss my ass" to Mr. Lee. Amy reported this to the staff and said that Mr.Lee forcefully put a blindfold on Danny Lopez. This was not true.

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