Skippack residents! Are you aware the new Skippack SCI Graterford Prison is being built right in your backyards?

Margaret Black
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ATTENTION Skippack residents! Did you know that the new Skippack Prison/SCI GRATERFORD State Correctional Institution is going to be built just 450 to 750 feet from YOUR Property Line? This is the FINAL PLAN for the prison, and construction is set to begin any time now. The state has 1730 acres, and they're going to build this on 120 acres in the southeast corner of the property- as close to Skippack Village and local homes as they can get! It will span nearly a mile south on Cressman Road and nearly a mile west on Route 73. This means chainlink fences, 4 lighted prison athletic fields, loud speakers, inmate quarters, and inmate yards- all 450 to 750 feet from your homes. Please, help change the location and move it away from residents. Our goal is to have them move this enormous new prison to the center of the state-owned property. Thankyou for your support.





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    Stephanie E. Yoder United States
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