Move Weaver to the FRONT of the Stage

John Angersen
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Neil Peart...

Keith Moon...

That one-armed guy from Def Leopard...

All were great drummers. But none were Paul Weaver.

If you've ever been to a live show of "Paul Weaver and the Open Hand Slaps," then you know the pure musicianship of Sir Paul. He commands the stage. His presence is overwhelming. When Paul Weaver beats the skins, it's as if everything else is just in the background.

With his unsurpassed abilities, it remains a mystery as to why Weaves is left to the background on stage. For benefit of his bandmates, and indeed the entire world, it is imperative that Paul be placed where he belongs - FRONT AND CENTRE.

Please join me in my quest to have Paul Weaver, drummer extraordinaire, moved to the front of the stage.





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