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Motion to Uphold Stronger Measures in Addressing Mold in Campus Residences

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The Goal. To keep dormitories mold-free and therefore enable students to live and study in a clean, safe, and healthy environment while staying on campus.

The Problem. There have been news reports about mold problems in some universities located in different states across the country. This has raised concerns among students staying in some sort of campus housing.

Mold poses threats not only to the structural integrity of property but, more than that, mold growth affects people’s health. And with concerns about mold growth in university accommodations, no wonder students and their parents are alarmed and want change.

But what does happen when there’s mold growth in a property? Well, in the case of residence calls and dormitories, the students living in rooms where there’s the presence of mold growth are at risk for symptoms that may arise due to exposure to mold and inhalation of mold spores. Another effect of mold growth on students has something to do with their academic performance. Because mold growth affects air quality, students find it difficult to sleep, and therefore also difficult to keep up with the demands of their classes.

The Solution. In situations like these, mold inspection is a must. Such facilities need to have a regularly scheduled mold inspection to make sure that there’s no potential site for mold growth in students’ dormitories and residence halls. If you’re looking for mold inspection services, you’ll never go wrong when you check out All Star Mold Removal.

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