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Katherine Whiting
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Motif Lounge: Stop playing insanely loud music into the wee hours of the morning.

Residents at the 360 Residences, downtown San Jose, deserve to have a good nights rest each and every night. When Motif is open for business, loud bass music can be clearly heard until 2am even when all triple pane windows and doors are locked up. This excessive noise needs to stop.

According to the city of San Jose, the following law is in place to prevent businesses from making excessive noise. Further, Motif Lounge has a permit on file with the city. If they violate that permit (which we believe they are currently doing), they will be fined and the city will stop them from playing excessively loud music. After speaking with officer Wilson of the SJPD, he suggested starting this petition to get the attention of the city. With the help of management at 360 Residences, as well as your signature, we'll be able to stop this noise and be able to peacefully sleep in this wonderful building we call "home."

10.16.020 Disturbing noises designated.
A. It is the intent of this chapter to prohibit all noises which are disturbing or unreasonably loud. The types of noises set out in subsection
B. shall not be deemed or construed as in any way exclusive, but merely illustrative.

B. The following types of noises are declared to be disturbing to the peace, quiet and comfort of the neighborhood in which they are heard, and persons creating such noises are in violation of Section 10.16.010:
1. The sounding of any horn, signal or noise device on any automobile, motorcycle, bus, truck or other vehicle, in any other manner or for any other purpose than allowed by the California Vehicle Code or other laws of the state;
2. The noise from an exhaust system of any vehicle which is not equipped or constructed so as to prevent any disturbing or unreasonably loud noise;
3. The revving of the engine of any motor vehicle while such vehicle is not in motion, except when done in the course of repairing, adjusting or testing it;
4. Disturbing or unreasonably loud shouting or crying of peddlers, hawkers, vendors or newspaper carriers;
5. The playing or operating of any radio, phonograph, orchestra or other musical device or instrument in a manner that is disturbing or unreasonably loud to a reasonable person outside the facility or unit from which the noise emanates; and
6. Disturbing or unreasonably loud shouting, screaming, wailing or other vocalization that is disturbing or unreasonably loud to a reasonable person outside the facility or unit from which the noise emanates. (Prior code ยง 4232; Ord. 24198.)





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