Please stop Mortal Kombat Rebirth from becoming a feature length film

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What can I say?  The 'Rebirth' supporters already have theirs and I couldn't find one set up already that expressed the desire of MK fans to stop this from becoming a feature length film.  Now admittedly I haven't seen many online petitions have that much affect myself, but you never now.


Now I'll admit the previous movies were hardly stellar, but I do realise that you can't simply slap names on established characters that have nothing in common with their original incarnations.  Nor is 'The Dark Knight' style gritty/realism a slap on cure all for badly thought out plot and characters.


So if you're a Mortal Kombat fan that realises that there is more to the story and characters than names, fatalities or dark brooding camera shots then please sign this.





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