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Tax Relief for Morgan County, WV

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When I ran for County Commission in 2006, I ran on a platform that included lower taxes and improved employment for our county. However, what has happened since is just the opposite. We are losing employers like Rayloc in Maryland. The courthouse burned down. We\'ve seen increased property taxes to pay for a new courthouse and on higher assessments; we\'ve seen fire fees increase; we\'ve seen a $75 ambulance fee. If your property taxes have been steadily going up the last few years and you are struggling to pay them, or you don\'t believe the increases are just, you need to sign this petition. I bought a house in 11/2004 and my taxes more than doubled to date in 2008. My parents\' taxes have more than doubled since 2002. We cannot continue this burden. Can you The tax assessor\'s reason was that this reflects the better market in early-mid 2007 and he thought he could be retroactive in charging you for something that is in the past; he said maybe in 2009 your taxes would go down to reflect the downturn from 2007 to 2008. Do you think you should pay now for something that is in the past Say you bought a car that a year ago cost $20,000, but you pay $15,000 now because new models are out and the value of this car is lower. Would you pay the tax on the car for its new price from a year ago, on $20,000 No. You would expect to pay tax on $15,000, the price you paid for it. But the tax assessor was trying to charge you for the original price. Realtors surveyed by us have said the property values decreased 10% to 13% since Jan. 2007. And, the Eastern Panhandle saw a decrease of 30% according to the E. Panhandle Board of Realtors. The Morgan County Commission reduced the \"modifier\" which is related to value of improved property. The modifier was reduced in from 1.75 to 1.50 to reflect the downturn in real estate. However, as of 3/22/08, a Herald-Mail article stated that WV State Tax Commissioner Christopher G. Morris ordered the Commission to raise the rate back to 1.75. He doesn\'t see the reduction in real estate. He has only been in that office since Oct. 2007. He said he wanted proof from the Commission beyond what they supplied to justify reducing the modifier rate. I say, why doesn\'t he prove his reasoning for raising it back to 1.75 Why doesn\'t he get his own county up to speed Property Values and taxes aren\'t comparable in Charleston compared to here. We are bankrolling Charleston. I applaud the County Commission for taking the stand to lower the Modifier rate to 1.50 (vote 2-1 with Commissioner Hutchinson voting against) But, the Commissioners gave themselves a pay raise after the 2006 election. Their salary, for a part-time job, is $32,000-plus per year. That\'s more than a state legislator makes in West Virginia. However, the Legislature gave themselves a pay raise also this last session. And don\'t forget the Morgan County School Board sets the school tax rate. Plus, there is the excess levy. That levy was originally for construction of new schools only. Those schools are now complete. So, we and many we\'ve spoken to believe the excess levy should be withdrawn. ***You can vote it down at the next election.*** We must send a message to the county officials, Tax Commissioner, the Governor and Legislature. Should the E. Panhandle continue to carry the burden of the rest of the state in property taxes Are you with us Sign our petition. P.S. Send a letter to Commissioner Morris at P.O. Box 11771, Charleston, WV 25339-1771. Or, send a letter to Gov. Joseph Manchin. Also, go over your property tax info. carefully. Request a printout from the Morgan County Assessor\'s office. We have found errors in our printouts and charges to us in taxes for wrong features in the home or wrong measurements for home sizes, porches and decks, etc. They have since been corrected. Tricia Strader


Tricia Strader Morgan County Republican Club Secretary/Treasurer 2003-2006; 2006 County Commission candidate; Elected Member Morgan County Republican Executive Committee; Concerned Citizen Frank Strader Elected Member Morgan County Republican Executive Committee; Concerned Citizen


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