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More labeling! More organic! More from the local farmers!

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Kevin Rush, Store Manager

Strack and Van Til

Hobart, IN46342

May 20th, 2014

As a resident of HobartIndiana area I am a frequent customer of your store, but I am concerned about the lack of labeling on most of the products as well as the very small organic section you offer. ( I know the store on 6 doesn’t have an organic section) I actively try to avoid GE foods when purchasing my groceries and I am more likely to shop at a store that offers a large variety of alternatives. I had mentioned this the other week to one of your co workers and she stated that they (I’m assuming the managers) will not giver her anymore room to expand her aisle. I understand that stocking is related to market and I am not aware of the intricately of running a major super market chain, but as a customer, I would like to see a wider variety of selection.

There are also health and environmental threats from the pesticides and herbicides used alongside of GE crops. (1)GE crops have been responsible for an increase of 383 million pounds of herbicide use in the U.S. over the first 13 years of commercial use of GE crops. Over 26% more pesticide is used with GE crops that are needed for conventional varieties, and because GE varieties are often designed to survive contact with these chemicals they can be used indiscriminately. (2.) Soil, water and air pollution results from application of pesticides and herbicides, putting humans at risk and damaging both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem. Soil quality degrades over time from repeated chemical exposure, chemicals leach into the ground and surface water sources that we Indianans depend on and aerated chemicals can be breathed in by humans and animals alike.

Such extensive use of chemical input leads to other negative (3) side effects as well. Even though pesticides and herbicides are intended to kill off pests and weeds, some do survive and those ones pass their chemical-resistant genes on to the next generations. (4)This results in the development of “super bugs” and “super weeds”, causing farmers to require greater amounts of even more potent chemicals to protect their crops.

The social and environmental risks involved with GE foods are unacceptable. To keep my family’s business and to prove your commitment in the area, I urge you to be progressive in working to provide a greater variety of options for your shoppers.


1. Benbrook, Charles. "Impacts of genetically engineered crops on pesticide use: The first thirteen years."The Organic Center, November(2009).

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