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More Jail Time For Animal Abusers

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Animal abusers should get more jail time. Like people how abuse humans. This is why...

  More Jail Time For Animal Abusers

Animal abuse started way back to the early 1900’s acorrding to: http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/cruelty_database/statistics.php they said “Although our oldest case is from as far back as 1940, the vast majority of our cases are from the years 2000-present.  Graphs represent U.S. cases only, unless otherwise stated.” and animal abuse is still happening and the rights and enforcements aren’t strong enough. Information from: http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/18817/WA/US/, the case date is November 10th 2011, “Animal control officers seized more than 150 animals in what could be one of the biggest animal cruelty cases Kitsap County has seen in a decade.” The animals were “found living in dire conditions with very little food.”  The animals were living in bad conditions: “Veterinarian Dr. Melissa Kehl with the Kitsap Humane Society. "They deserve bigger space, warm conditions, good food, good clean water. They just deserve better, and they weren't getting that.” The defendant was found “not guilty” and wasn’t charged with anything. This wasn’t always a problem. The original idea of taking care of any animal is giving it lots of space, food, water and love. Now some people think that it’s just owning it and to barely take care of it. Also to beat it and/or use violence against it because the owner feels like it. But this mistreatment has to stop. “ The Oxford English Dictionary, long the most influential dictionar. We need more jail time for animal abusers. We needs rights and protection for all animals.

When you kill an human being it’s either twenty years, life in prison or execution. When you beat an animal you just get probation, but when you abuse or assault someone it’s months or years worth of jail. Which isn’t fair because we are all animals so if an non-human being is abused, not treated well or murdered then the convict should have the same punishments that he/she would have had if he/she did any of those things to an human being. With my solution it is going to fix that.  If a person abuses a non-human being then they should spend six to seven years in jail. If a person mistreats an non-human being then they should spend one to three years in jail. Also when a person does any of these crimes then their face will be posted in every adoption and/or where you get animals’ data base and information so that the criminal tries to get another animal then the company won’t let him because they would know that he/she abused/mistreated/murdered an animal.

The procedure that will go into adopting or having to get your hands on an animal to prevent animal(non-human) abuse is first of course you call an adoption agency and tell them whatever animal (non-human being) you want. Then the adoption agency will send two people over to your house. A person who is there to check if the environment (your house) is okay for the animal to live in who is called the Environmental Specialist. The other person is a therapist to profile the owner and the people that he/she lives with (if he/she lives with anyone). If the therapist and the Environmental Specialist say its okay for you to have that animal then its okay. If the Environmental Specialist  says “no” and the therapist  says”yes” then the Environmental Specialist can give the person tips to make the house better for that pet to live in and the person can call another time. But if the therapist says “no” and the Environmental Specialist says “yes” then that person cannot have the pet.

If my plan of action goes through then the safety of animals will strengthen and people will be more aware about how important animals are to humans. We use them as pets for entertainment, we use some to eat to survive and the most important thing is we need them for the ecosystem; because if an animal is extinct then it will affect the balance of the earth. Also people forget that all animals are living organisms too, they just look different than humans so they should at least get the same security and safety that humans do.

My action plan The President and Congress are asked to solve this problem. Congress needs to harshen the punishments of animal abuse or to put another law in place for it. The President needs to approve and enforce the laws that are put in place for animal abuse. The President can solve the problem in the economy by making the jobs, like the Environmental Specialist and the Therapist for the adoption service or any handler of animals, come to life. It will make more jobs for America, which we desperately need. How we are going to get the President and Congress’ attention is the way how Kony 2012 happened. If you want to stop animal abuse you can spread the word around about this idea and if the American population wants this then eventually our President will make it happen. We can send emails to the government asking to put this idea in place. The time is now to prevent animal abuse. We can start in Washington D.C where the president usually lives. Then we can get his (or maybe her if there is a new president) attention.


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