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HEY, Havent you been bothered by Well here is your chance to stop it.. Read these emails that i got from the owner saying that I am a cheater and how i am horrible for what i did.. I tried to be nice.. but then it went crazy..!!.. here\'s the story... *****************start of 1st email************** To: Subject: User Suspension: jetswr83 From: \"wallyruss\" Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 17:37:25 -0500 Multiple ID\'s **************************response from me******* Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 17:13:04 -0700 (PDT) From: \"andrew c\" Add to Address Book Subject: Re: User Suspension: jetswr83 To: \"wallyruss\" Hello... This is jetswr83 and i do not have multiple ids.. I want to see them please.. Thanks.. wallyruss wrote: Multiple ID\'s ( i lied) *************His 2nd statement**************** From: \"Russ Bacon\" Add to Address Book To: \"andrew c\" CC: \"Dawn Bush\" , \"Kathy Marshall\" Subject: Re: User Suspension: jetswr83 Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 19:30:36 -0500 LMAO....OH BROTHER! THERE YA GO CHEATER: he showed me my four accounts. ***********my response( bold )************ For Your information..( And you can keep this message and send it to the manager of I am Not a cheater. I only made accounts up because I didnt have any bux. I know that it\'s wrong and I know since you stated that in the rules, but I tried doing league matches and i always lost. Are you going to say that I am a bad player I mean, if you wont you can, that\'s up to you Also, if you checked, I was suspended on asc1892 for asking for bananabux. So i went and made the name Jetswr83. I wanted to start over and forget about the other account. Since then, I have made friends like Luvs_my_gorrilla, which gave me 5000 bananabux for just being in a tourney and I am a polite and generous graduate from Michigan. I have a degree in Computer Science.( I work sometimes with HTML) I was willing to be a TD and help Monkeyroyale with HTML. I have changed and i am sorry for making new accounts.. But as you know.. When you are down to 10 banana bux and you dont want to buy banana bux you\'re pretty much stuck and can\'t do anything. I thought you guys would figure it out, but it took pretty long for it. Yesterday and i can lie... I made two names up, since I wanted to have them when I would come back so I could be a TD. Actually, if you knew, I was in Monkeyroyale in the Beginning of this year. I had one name.. asc1892. Then I went on Xbox and hadnt come back until this past month. My account was deleted some how since i wasnt on enough. I am truthfully sorry and I know that even though I broke the rules, I am not a bad person. You can ask several people that i know on monkeyroyale. Ajzxxxxxx , luvs_my_gorrilla, portress2006 and sxytiger_td. Most of them are tds and they know me pretty well. I would like you to ask them If i am a good person and if i deserive to be on Monkeyroyale. You dont have to let me back in, Its up to you, but I am telling you, Your going to be missing a great member!!! Jetswr83. ********************his response*************** Gee Andrew I found a few more. You run out of Bux and you create more ID\'s. I have banned your IP address. **************my response******************* Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 18:06:11 -0700 (PDT) From: \"andrew c\" Add to Address Book Subject: I appologize To: I appologize for the things that I have done. You may not let me in but i would appreciate if you dont call me a cheater . It is like you are acting like a baby.. You may be one but i dont know Are you well i am sure not a cheater, and to be considerate of people on Planet Earth maybe you should think that is just a tourney site. I really dont care If i ever get back on. I would like To. but it is NOT the end of the WORLD if i dont. I will LIVE WITHOUT IT. I Can also make my own TOURNEY site if i wanted. I have already made tourneys for xbox live games such as Halo2. The tourneys that i make are fun, and dont have weird rules like yours. I am also mad that people would have the nerve of saying that to me. I would really like to look you in the face if you said that. I am sure that you are no match for me. But i wouldnt do that.. Please.. AND I MEAN PLEASE.. TRY NOT TO BE MEAN OR SAY ANYTHING TO HURT ME OR OTHERS!!. YOU CAN SAY THAT IN YOUR MIND, BUT DO NOT SAY THAT TO ME!! You are probably a good person, and all tds are USUALLY nice. I know that you are siteadmin, and you have control over everything but be generous. You are going to lose many members for this.***********Remember*********** Payback is a bitch!******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


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