miranda facer
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i am requesting anyone that finds them selves in a situation that i have recently found my self in.to sign the petition i have started here. if you read anything that relates to you and your own situation please feel free to add your name. i went to court and went through the gruelling process of the court case to walk out with Joint custody. i have since experienced no end of difficulties. in the courts eyes it is best for the children if they have regular contact with both parents, but in the goverments eyes in benefits and entiltlement the payments can only be made for one parent here( although in other countries this is not an issue).i walked away with very near the same time as my ex did with all my children. what diturbed me even further is that he is also able to claim child maintenance of me if he requires. this situation upsets me greatly that i am and would do anything for my children, but just recently due to the lack of finances and food i have been unable to have my children which in turn upsets and disrupts my childrens life and my own and leaves them with very little time spent due to it being a struggle, yet the other parent has money for the day they do not have the children.



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