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We The People - No Further MN Gun Legislation

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We The People of Minnesota, as tax-payers and law-abiding citizens, call on our legislators to fully honor and respect the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution. Minnesota has a rich heritage of hunting and sporting with firearms, but it must also be recognized that our forefathers intended the 2nd Amendment to guarantee us the right to liberty, through means of self-defense, along with protection from tyranny...both foreign and domestic. We The People of Minnesota call on our Senators and members of the House of Representatives to not pass legislation that will prohibit the lawful purchase of firearms.  If further firearm reform MUST be looked at, look into ways that firearms might be kept out of the hands of criminals and those who may not be mentally competent with said firearms and NOT limit the freedom of hundreds-of-thousands of law-abiding citizens that responsibly purchase and own firearms for all of the Constitutionally-sound reasons. We The People of Minnesota are men, women, families, students, business owners, sportsman, hunters, employees, teachers, laborers, professionals, paramedics, technicians, etc...Republican, Democrat and Libertarian. This is a non-partisan issue and we want our voices heard. We will not have our Constitution stripped away.  Our leaders were voted into positions of power to represent We The People.  We urge you to stand and support your constituents.  Supporters of any further legislation of gun control, specific "gun bans" or "gun grabs" will regrettably be voted out of office.


Andrew T. Plowman SD17 Co-Chair Mn State Delegate/2012 National Delegation


And so it begins, to overflow capacity...


The President visits MN.  Problem is, they talk about "mental health" and "loopholes for purchasing", but the proposed legistlation is the most strict gun-control change in the contry right now...anywhere.

The first MN gun legislation proposals, prior to Mr. Obama's arrival next week.  There will be more.  This deal with a registry for firearm owners.


Alright folks, this will be the first real "push" for legislative action in Minnesota.  I will work to keep this site updated.

And now, some common-sense from a father of one of the victims of Sandy Hook.  Let's take a serious look at mental opposed to filling everyone full of pills and calling that a solution.  Doctors know it, nurses know it...

A look at how both sides of the aisle might react to new legislation...1/29

Sheriff Proposals on the way to the Capitol...1/29

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