Help stop reinactment of Michael Jaskson's Autopsy on Discovery Channel Jan 0211

Tracey Knox
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Out of dignity and respect for the soul of a good man to publicy exploit his death or his body. Please help and join me in announcing our disapproval and dissapointment at Discovery Channel and the people who work for them to even consider such an insulting proposition to eithier Michael, his family or his fans or to anyone else who is still living, a celebrity, and who may in fact follow this path upon their death if this precendent is made. I would sincerely hope that intelligent and educated people who hold the decision to air this documentary find it in their hearts and deep in their souls to stop it airing. Would they want to avoid any dangerious social consequences that this could fuel in the future and at what gain, except, financial. Would they find it in their hearts to use their position of power to the betterment of society rather than the detriment. The choice is theirs. I have a coice too and together our voices may be heard. In the memory of Michael Jackson and the betterment of my life through his life and in the words of John Lennon "Let it Be" let him be...





  • 7 years ago
    Tracey Knox New Zealand
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