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David Munoz
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2 Signatures Goal: 100

Petition Position: 

I support the proposed residential development of the Mizner Trail Golf Club Property, I ask the Palm Beach Commissioners to vote in favor of the Application Number ZV/DOA-2010-017828.

Petition Description:

This is a petition to raise the necessary signatures to get approval to move forward with the proposed development plan provides 92.7 acres of green space of the 130 acre property which is 71 % green space, the code requirement is only 40%. 

Location: 22689 Camino Del Mar, Boca Raton, Florida 33433 

Very Low Density Development:  291 units on 130 acres, only 2.23 units per acre. The property is zoned HR-8, a residential zoning classification allowing S - 8 units per acre. Surrounding existing properties average a density of 10.22 units per acre. 

Job Creation: ± 750 construction jobs ± 150 maintenance jobs after completion 

Add Tax Base: + $2.SM in annual tax base revenue to Palm Beach County. Fees to Palm Beach County: ±-$4.2SM in building permits and impact fees. 

Additional Comments:
  • Alleviate a blighted property condition 
  • Alleviate an unattractive nuisance - abandoned clubhouse and restrooms attracts homeless, vagrants and teens 
  • This is an in-fill development with all municipal services in place, does not contribute to urban sprawl. 
  • Golf is not a viable alternative, course has been closed since 200S, golf courses closing county, state and nationwide.





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