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Genuine Modified Car Enthusiasts. It\'s time to stand up for ourselves!

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A link to this petition will be sent to as many modified car enthusiast forums and related magazines as possible. Quite simply, like the rest of you, I\'m sick to death of being made to feel like a criminal simply for meeting up in a public place with fellow enthusiasts, socialising and embracing something that we are all passionate about. It seems that all too regularly, mainly due to the actions of the idiotic minority, a peaceful modified car meeting is swooped upon by the police who use increasingly heavy handed tactics in dealing with innocent enthusiasts. Now I\'m sure we all agree that it is a very small minority who have created the negative \' boy racer \' image with there idiotic behaviour. As a result we have an up hill battle to say the least to convince the public, police and local authorities other wise. This petition may be a drop in the ocean and fall on deaf ears but lets have our say! I\'m a member on several Modified car forums and it seems that most are treat in much the same. So in signing this petition you are saying that you are not happy with the situation and will not stand for being treat in this manor! So lets stop moaning about it in our little circles and do something about it!


This petiton has been inspired most recently by the treatment received by a group of modified car enthusiasts local to me in the North East of England. But this is simply typical of treatment received up and down the country. There are two main forums that I use regularly and both are dedicated to enjoying their cars peacefully and distancing themselves from the trouble making minority in a bid to show that we want to be able to enjoy our hobby without harrassment from the police and to do so without causing distress, and inconvinience to the general public. They are : and
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