We do not support the Proposed new construction (between Agnew, Lafayette & Hope Drive)

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Santa Clara City Council Members

Planning Board Chairperson


Ref: Proposed new construction (between Agnew, Lafayette & Hope Drive)       


Dear Sir/Madam:


We, the residents of Mission Gardens, Mission Terrace & Mission Place take this opportunity to communicate our concerns related to the proposed new development – to the City governing body and Planning Department.  We request this letter be read during the upcoming City Council Meeting to discuss the project.


We would like to highlight potential problems that will have a severe impact on our communities, if the proposed construction were to take place.   


Some of these could be potentially hazardous in nature – given the vicinity of the construction site to our community.  Especially for infants and small children in our communities.


1.       Construction related dust, debris:  Impact on health

·         Our primary concern with the proposed development is – the health impact it will have on our residents. 

·         Residents of our communities have been perpetually living in a construction zone for almost 4 years now, enduring all the problems that come along with it including dust & debris

·         Majority of the people living here are young families with small children and infants.  We are extremely concerned about the possible short and long term affect this development will have on the health of our children.       


2.       Environmental impact

·         The waste associated with the construction including unused and excess material generated during site excavation, clearance, actual construction and related renovation activity will have toxic constituents that pose a risk to the environment in and around our communities.


3.       Support from the builder

·         The construction activity in the recent past has severely affected our buildings.  For example -  almost all of the buildings directly facing the construction have had dust & deposits on the windows.    

·         We have not received any support from the builder in terms of cleaning these buildings.   


4.       Other problems associated with construction activity

·         Additional issues linked to construction include;

o   Surrounding communities being used for construction equipment

o   Construction vehicles related traffic congestion

o   Sound during construction      


5.       Rats & pest issues:

·         We are currently dealing with an onslaught of Rat & Rodent problems - as a result of all the construction that has been going on in our vicinity - for the last few years.

·         Multiple units in our community have been dealing with this issue for a long time.

·         We are not sure if the construction practices of the builder are designed to control and exclude pest entry into surrounding communities.

·         We have addressed this issue with the builder.


6.       Overcrowded Schools

·         Any new development will add to the already existing school overcrowding situation that we are currently facing at Don Callejon School




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