BMW/Mini Recall All 2007+ Mini Cooper S and JCW Due to Faulty Timing Components

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Recall all Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper JCW (John Cooper Works) 2007+ Due to faulty Timing Chain Issues/Failures that cause excessive slack, rubbing and eventually failure.
The critical timing chain failure can lead to premature engine failure. This is a safety issue because the failing timing chain can also cause the motor to fail. this in turn leads to a lack of power/acceleration/movement endangering the driver and other drivers. Currently BMW/Mini has acknowledged this issue however has failed to repair or replace the defected item outside of the warranty period. This issue also does not appear to be an issue from certain date or assembly line. It has been affecting a wide range of Mini Cooper S and John Cooper Works models with a date range between 2007-Current.



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  • Lory DuMenil
    Lory DuMenil United States, San Antonio
    Dec 15, 2015
    Dec 15, 2015
    Go to, search for recalls for your make & model. When the search results appear find the tab that says "Service Bulletins" and find NHTSA ID Number 10057380. Mini acknowledges the part is defective.

    What Problems Can The Mini Cooper Timing Chain Defect Cause?

    Unlike most cars, the Mini Cooper uses a metal timing chain rather than a “belt” made of composite materials. When the Prince line of engines was introduced, BMW touted that the chain should last the entire useful life of the vehicle. One of the features of the BMW Prince engine is that the timing chain and tensioner are located inside the engine. Real world use has shown, however, that one of the drawbacks to this design is that if the chain fails, damage to the engine can be catastrophic.

    A defective timing chain can cause damage to the engine and present serious safety concerns.
    A defective timing chain can cause damage to the engine and present serious safety concerns. When a chain tensioner fails, the vehicle will lose all power – even while it is in motion. Some consumers have reported losing power while in traffic or driving on freeways, while others have filed complaints concerning the vehicle’s safety with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Defects. Timing chain failure can also result in engine failure, requiring engine replacement. The typical price to replace a defective tensioner is well over $1,000, and the price to replace an engine can approach $10,000.

    It has been alleged that the chain tensioner can fail at any time, even if the owner follows BMW’s maintenance and service schedules. According to the Mini maintenance program, the chain and tensioner do not require service, and the on-board computer does not monitor chain condition. Therefore, problems with the tensioner may go unnoticed and cause serious damage to the vehicle.

    However, one early sign that has been reported is known as the “death rattle,” a rattling sound that comes from the passenger side of the vehicle. The sound will be most prominent when the vehicle is idling or is being operated in colder weather or at lower speeds. It is believed that the “death rattle” will be heard when the timing chain tensioner is about to break.
  • Nick Hummel
    Nick Hummel United States, Roanoke
    Jul 01, 2015
    Jul 01, 2015
    i got my 2007 mini cooper s with 90,000 and i have hear the noise since day one.
  • kevin orozco
    kevin orozco United States, Rowland Heights
    Apr 06, 2014
    Apr 06, 2014
    My 2010 mini hardtop has these same problems every single day I turn it on since the first day I bought the car. One year later I read this forum and finally realize that BMW/MINI didn't manufacture that essential part right?! Which makes me furious because I feel like I could be over using gas because of this defect, as if the gas prices aren't high enough!! * I have a manual transmission car which allows me to notice this problem tremendously, which causes me to stall off acceleration almost daily. *Not a complete stall* the car accelerates then stops for the chain to "catch up"(<-rediculous and very annoying) then continues to accelerate ,which is very dangerous because anyone could hit me from behind!! As you could tell I'm unhappy customer!.
  • Christine Graziano
    Christine Graziano United States, Littleton
    Jan 26, 2014
    Jan 26, 2014
    My Mini Cooper S Hardtop 2010 starting making this noise just over 50,000 miles. At least that is when it became noticeable to me. It is currently at the dealership for the timing chain replacement and God knows what else. I was quoted $1700 plus tax for this repair. I have the extended maintenance warranty, but this isn't covered and it is just out of general warranty. I have taken excellent care of this vehicle and had the oil changed and vehicle serviced to the letter of MINI recommendations. All service has been performed at the MINI dealership. This is ridiculous! I love this car, but now I have to worry about this huge expense! If this is a known problem MINI needs to fix this issue!
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