PETITION preventing Vietnamese Paltalk Admins from abusing their power

Tam Minh
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We, the undersigned, members, supporters of PALTALK (PaltalkScene) and are friends with the group "Minh Tam Thanh Tu Thien DDuong Tinh Tho", hereby petition for Paltalk to investigate further regarding Paltalk Admins actions in placing BANS and RESTRICTIONS on users without warning! Since 2010, this is the second, if not third time that Paltalk Admins (Vietnamese) have ABUSED their POWER on Paltalk members by placing a BAN on a member's account without warning. The nicknames "MinhTam" , as well as many others have been restricted and banned. The above user and those that have been banned has not been disruptive nor have they disobeyed any of Paltalk Rules & Regulations, Terms of Services, or Code of Conduct. We, the undersigned would like to know WHY, and WHEN the above users BAN/RESTRICTION will be lifted.



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