Lets get Mindstream Radio more days!!!!!!

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Mindstream Radio has been airing on the Im4radio Broadcasting network since February of 2008 and has been a hit since day one. However some listeners are not able to catch the show live on Wednesday nights from 8--10pm est. We fans believe that Mindstream Radio is one of the BEST Radio Shows on air. Not only is it an intelligent, witty, and engaging show but is its also very relivant to the community. We need more programing like this! We want more opportunities to hear the show live. For this reason, we are petitioning the Im4radio broadcasting network to extend the number of the days that Mindstream Radio airs. This is just a friendly way to let you know that we love the show and would love to hear more. We, the undersigned, call on the EXECUTIVES and MANAGEMENT of the Im4radio broadcasting network to extend the number of days that Mindstream Radio is on air.


The creative minds of H/H Global Entertainment's Paul Spann & Adam Butler, express their views on Entertainment, news and society. This is the beginning of a the best in radio entertainment, and we want YOU! to be apart of it! Join the crew of MindStream Radio as they interview celebrities, upcoming talent and Discuss topics that effects everyone across The US... Be sure to tune in for a few laughs and learn something new in the process! Check it out at http://www.Im4radiodc.com every Wednesday night from 8-10pm!


Http://Mindstream-world.com Http://Im4radiodc.com




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