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Drop Charges on Ms.Miller

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I will start by saying the woman in this case has a passion for animals and only tried to save an animal from being injured.



Donna Miller was assulted by an off duty police officer after tring to help an injured raccoon that was in the entrance of her neighborhood. She did not fight back yet is being charged with assult against an officer which will result in jail time, probation, anger-mangement classes, fees, and community service. Her court date is coming up soon. Please sign if you feel that this is wrong. Lets try to alter the outcome and bring justice! 



Full Story:

On a night in February of 2012, Donna Miller arrived at her apartment complex entrance to find that a neighbor had accidently struck a raccoon with his car. Unfortunately the raccoon was still alive, injured, and in pain. The car that hit the raccoon was blocking half of the entrance so Ms. Miller pulled up behind the car because clearly something was wrong. The neighbor asked her to please wait to enter the complex through that entrance because the raccoon was still in the middle of the entrance way and proceeding would mean running the frightened, conscious animal over. My mom agreed and began to call an animal vet/animal control to help the raccoon. Only moments later a car came speeding up to the entrance. Ms. Miller and the neighbor waved to the car to please slow down and stood in front of the long entry way. The driver of the car aggressively drove up to them and harshly asked "What the f**** is the problem?" Ms. Miller and the neighbor began to explain about the raccoon and asked her nicely to use the second entrance (which is literally approximately eleven feet away). The driver yelled from her window "I don’t have f******* time for this, get the f**** out of the way". The two concerned about the raccoon's well-being did not move. The driver then got out of her car, walked over to Ms. Miller as she stated "I'm a D.C. police officer b**** and punched Ms. Miller in the face. Ms. Miller fell backwards over a curb and the officer jumped on top Miller and began to choke her while her thumbs were pressed tightly into Miller's throat. Ms. Miller was throwing her arms and legs about while trying to get the officer off of her and remain conscious. Eventually the officer was knocked backwards and stumbled to her feet. As Miller caught her breath and slowly stood up, the officer continued to yell threats, curses, and repeatedly exclaimed that she is a D.C. police officer and she "can do whatever 'she' wants". The officer tried to get into her car and leave the scene immediately after the assault but Ms. Miller stood in front of the officer's car while she dialed for the police. The officer repeated several times "what the f*** are you waiting for b****? I AM the police!" She laughed and said "No one is going to care about you, I am the f****** police!" She made threats that she would find Ms. Miller when this was all over and that if she did not move from the front of her car then she would run her over. Once the police arrived, the officer showed her fellow officers her badge and all of the officers on the scene gathered around her to ask if she was okay and to hear her side of the story, leaving Ms. Miller standing alone on the sidewalk. When Ms. Miller asked to speak with an officer all officers refused to speak with her and only ran Ms. Miller's information. For about fifteen to twenty minutes Ms. Miller stood on the sidewalk while the officers talked about recent happenings within the police community, at one point discussing an officer's wife's steak that she made last evening. Ms. Miller asked one of the officers if she might be able to tell her side of the story and the officer simply said "aye....watch the 'tude" and walked away". Finally when Ms. Miller did have a chance to explain her side of the story, the officers were completely unsympathetic and told her to hurry and finish with talking. Ms. Miller was in tears not only with the frustration of having just been assaulted but was still very worried about the injured raccoon and wanted to get help for it. One of the officers laughed and mockingly said "well you know that we're just going to shoot it right? Its going to die and you tried to save it for nothing" and he walked away with another officer while saying "aye, after we shoot the damn thing do you wanna go to Panera?" The insensitivity was outrageous! Ms. Miller was sent home with mud all over her jacket and brand new jeans, a bruised neck and face, and with the advice to "get a lawyer". Ms. Miller is taking the officer to court on assault charges; However, the officer is actually pressing charges on Ms. Miller! Ms. Miller is facing charges on assaulting an officer and resulting would be jail time, fees, anger management classes, and community service. Police officers cannot just do whatever they want! Please sign this petition if you agree that this is wrong! This is misuse of the police authority, the court system, and animal cruelty! I have pictures of the assault if you would like to send me your email and have them emailed to you.


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