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NOW SHE'S BRING NICK INTO THIS! OPEN!So i know alot of you know about the Miley Cyrus Thing, most likey because i posted like 6 pages of bullitens last night about this....maybe i am being unfair....because i know miley cyrus has other problems....but everyone is forgetting SO DOES NICK! Its not fair that she's doing this. First the 7 things video.....i mean i like the song, but did she really need to go off flashing the fake diabetes's tag to show everyone the song was about Nick! Did she really need to do that! You tell me!!!!!!!! Now, there a things flying around about her and Nick FUCKING! Are you kidding me! I mean if it was just the pictures of her being slutty, i wouldnt care, BECAUSE WERE ALL USED TO IT! Miley Cyrus has many problems in her life....we all do. But when you make a mistake YOU PAY THE PRICE! We've all learned that. Just because she's famous she gets to get away with it! I dont think so! I WONT LET HER! This girl is supposed to be remodels to 3-12 year olds, and what are they going to think when they see this! What she's doing to Nick and his family is UNFAIR! Nick, Joe, and Kevin all wear purity rings AND WOULD NEVER do anything like this. We all known that. You know, i love the Jonas Brothers, and I care about them. I was even CRYING! What she's doing to Nick is unfair, and maybe i'm being unfair, but i dont care. I want everyone to know how I FEEL! So hate me, Block Me CUSS ME OUT DAMNIT! I dont care anymore! Miley Cyrus isnt all that great she used to be but not anymore. I may not be the best person ever, but neither is she, so hate me for it...i was one who would stick up for miley, but this time...she crossed the line and went to far.....it started out as her just hurting us....but not she's hurting the jonas brothers image. and its not fair to them....... i get it, i'm a bitch......thats basically what your all telling me...but i dont care! ALL I CARE ABOUT IS OUR BOYS! THATS ALL THAT MATTER TO ME RIGHT NOW! Kill me for having OJD i'm sorry....but your hate isnt going to stop me from sticking up for what i believe in. Just because Miley Is a celeberty she gets to get away with this! I dont think so. I WONT LET HER! We've all learned to pay for our mistakes, and its time she starts paying for her. I'm not going to stop doing this! so keep sending the hate mail! i dont care! Maybe everyon does make mistakes. But the is the 12th one! Now she's bringing Nick Jonas into it, which is 100% Unnecessary. A True JB would be on my side She did go to far this time AND THIS ISNT RIGHT! *so i no alot of you are sick of me posting this! But i just found out something else. You guys know Miley and Mandy right From the Miley and Mandy Show....well apparently they were at a JB concert last night on the side, and they were pointing and LAUGHING at Demi! MILEY NEEDS TO GET A LIFE AND STOP BEING AN OVER OBSESSIVE JEALOUS BITCH! I'm sorry but Demi can sing 496543062892453894672x better than her!* She's a slut and is supposed to be a romodle for kids, THIS THING SHOULDNT BE ON DISNEY CHANNEL!

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