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Miguel; specific concerns

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Lacking in constructive feedback, proper analysis of the work
May consistof “that’s good, but I want to see great.” “Not your best work.” “It’s missing something.” “I feel like you could have pushed it further.” which are not examples of helpful or constructive feedback.
Positive feedback may include, “Yeah, that’s good.” which also does not constitute analysis or feedback
May be irrelevant to the work presented, tangents and anecdotes are frequent
Classes canceled
Tuesday, March 31st; students required to come on Thursday afternoon
Jobs booked elsewhere caused classes to be canceled, students forced to change work schedules to try and attend make-up class times
Conduct with regard to students who are shooting in a studio
Re: incident during fashion photoshoot
Proposal: Ask permission from a student to give help
Slate, Red, email usage
Slate is not optional for faculty: marks, assignment outlines, course outline, presentations etc missing from Slate.
Red is not organized and used effectively, slowing down critiques
Uses personal email address even though there is a requirement to use the email address provided by Sheridan College for all communications.
Emails are not responded to within a reasonable amount of time
One-on-one meetings
Often involve the entire class, devaluing the meeting for the student, sometimes embarrassing the student
Often an opportunity for anecdotes, tangents, self-reflection on Miguel’s part, irrelevant to the student, their work, and performance in the class
Giving clarification and answering questions
Questions are not heard or responded to in a thoughtful way
Clarification on assignments, critiques etc is difficult to attain.
Mutual respect of students
Occasional condescending attitude and tone; back-handed compliments such as: “I didn’t think you had it in you."
“Playful” remarks have been offensive to some students ie. jokes about a person’s weight or general appearance
Misunderstandings about topics covered, ambiguity with regard to assignments, etc are often blamed on the student rather than offering clarification
Rubric/requirements for last assignment was not handed out until after the photoshoot was completed.
Responsibility of equipment
Miguel refused to have any equipment used for an in-classdemo signed out under his name - he sent other students to get the equipment and sign it out under their name, putting the student in danger of having to replace equipment that might go missing.

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