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Dear Raymond, This is a very concerned player of Midnitechallenge. All of this is getting very out of control. You have let your game get into a downward sprial by letting cheating occur, then doing nothing to punish the people that you as well as the whole Midnitechallenge community know our cheating. It has been proved time and time again that Romeo, Joedabooger, and They_Call_Me_G_I have been using macro's. Yet they are still in the game. You can not say you have not been told as I know for a fact many people have told you. This shows that you will let them basically get away with what they want when you couple it with the fact that when concerned Midnitechallenge community members try to go about stopping them in their own personal way. What do you do about that You ban those members who were tired of getting cheated. This is a very concerning action taken by you. Does this mean you want your game overrun by cheaters If I start to cheat does that mean that I will get away with everything and when people cry about me cheating I will be made a Moderator of the forums so I can ban them You have serverly lost all of my respect. You are letting cheaters run the game and doing nothing about it. Then when paying customers doing something to try and stop them you ban them. Why would you care though you have already made your money off of them, and the whole Midnitechallenge and CI gaming community has come to realize that is what you are all about. As long as you make a little money you do not care at all. Even though the cheaters barely spend on this game you would rather have them here. That is exactly why your game is going downhill. It is not due to changes that have been made even though that does affect it some. It is due to the poor ownership, namely you. Once you get your games in line again and have control of them I am sure that they will be very fun again, but I do not know if you can ever fix the damage that you have already done. There is now a lot of tension and a lot people that are just very upset, some beyond the point of ever being able to play again because of what you have done. You need to stop the bleeding in your community, and try to get everything back in order as soon as possible so that your game and players can once again play and have fun. Thanks Midnitechallenge Community member

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